Edgar Cayce

Author : Sidney D. Kirkpatrick



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  • With unprecedented access to Edgar Cayce's private letters and trance readings, Sidney Kirkpatrick delivers the definitive biography of the renowned psychic, religious seeker, and father of alternative medicine. Born in rural Kentucky in 1877, Edgar Cayce became known as "the sleeping prophet," and went on to lead an extraordinary life, helping and healing thousands. This is Cayce's fascinating story as it's never been told before. "Irresistible...a chronicle of Cayce's waking life that is far richer than anything previously available." ( Newsday ) "Kirkpatrick holds us spellbound with an engrossing narrative of this remarkable man." ( Sylvia Browne, ) #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Other Side and Back "What every Cayce fan hungers for: a detailed and complete biography that reveals family secrets that were deemed too sensitive to include in earlier works, as well as the long-suppressed identities of the many famous people...who benefited from Cayce's readings." ( Booklist ) "The most informative and enlightening book ever written about the seer." ( K. Paul Johnson, author of Edgar Cayce in Context )


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