Dancing in the Light

Author : Shirley MacLaine



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Price : 4.99

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  • Now, at a turning point in her life, comes hermost revealing and exciting book yet. Outspoken,controversial, talented, and perceptive ShirleyMacLaine now takes us on an intimate and fascinatingpersonal odyssey. In 1984 she won an Oscar, starredon Broadway, wrote the best-selling Out ona Limb -- and turned fifty years old. Atthis special time, in this special year, she wasnow ready to resume the spiritual journey she hadbegun in her early forties. In Dancing inthe Light , Shirley MacLaine bares herinnermost self and explores the lives, both past andpresent, which touched and affected her own. Shesheds new light on her loves, her losses, herchildhood, her passions, and her inner drives andambitions. She asks poignant questions and findssurprising answers. She asks poignant questions andfinds surprising answers. She challenges her beliefsand confronts her conflicts. Ultimately, she takesus with her through a life-altering experiencethat provides a stunning new vision of herself, herfuture... and the fate of our world. From the Paperback edition.


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