The Ergonomics Kit for General Industry

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    Written by Dan MacLeod, one of the most experienced practitioners in the field, "The Ergonomics Kit for General Industry, Second Edition" contains everything you need to set up or improve your workplace ergonomics process. MacLeod describes the financial benefits of workplace ergonomics and ways to think about these tools that make good business sense. He uses case studies that illustrate positive bottom-line results and the actions that led to these results. Down to earth and practical, the information in this book is rooted in what has actually succeeded on the workplace floor. This book includes additional material on the actual process of solving problems. It presents success stories that illustrate how the process works under various circumstances and organizational cultures to improve workplace conditions and maximize employee well being and productivity.It emphasizes simple, low tech, and low cost approaches. It offers guidance on how to create change and implement new processes. Electronic copies of forms and worksheets, PowerPoint presentation, and guide for conducting basic training sessions are available on the Internet. The book provides practical guidance on the process of identifying good, low cost improvements. It describes best practices from major corporations on setting up committees, establishing priorities, and developing written plans and also covers controversial issues such as job rotation and back belts. The kit includes a multitude of forms: worksheets, checklists, planning guides, employee feedback forms, and a program audit, as well as training handouts, train-the-trainer background, and basic PowerPoint presentations. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, the author delineates how to set up an effective and successful ergonomics program.

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