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    Richard Coleman and made a significant contribution gained considerable experience as the director of the Stanford UhiversiW Sleep Disorders Clinic at a crucial time in its history,when it was stimulating an expanding interest in the field and establishing sleep disorders as a nationwide discipline.He also served as chair— man of the Multicenter Case Series Committee for the Association of Sleep Disorders Centers and compiled and published data on 8,000 cases diagnosed and treated in eleven clinics across the United States. In this book Dr.Coleman has dealt with areas of human health that are associated with the scheduling of sleep and wakefulness.In an ideal world there would presumably be a normal schedule that we would adhere to:we would sleep when we were sleepy;this would presumably be in the hours of darkness.Wre would sleep in a safe place,SO we would have no anxiety.During the daytime we would be fullv alert,without the need for caffeine or other stimulants, and possibly planning a daily nap.Almost no one in the world now actually enjoys these ideal conditions.Increasing numbers must fol— lOW abnormal schedules and get too little sleep.Nearly half of US must stay awake at night to watch over the other half as they sleep.

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