Otto Neurath

Author : Nancy Cartwright



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    Review "...this fascinating book, which also contains though-provoking sketches of the views of Mach (102-4), Duhem (116-8), Carnap (149-52), and Weber (213-19) and an important (if familiar) criticism of the views of Popper (201), can justifiably be recommended to anyone with an interest in the history of twentieth-century philosophy." John Preston, Philosophy in Review " excellent book..." Steven Beller, German Studies Review "For historians of philosophy of science, this book is essential reading." George Reisch, Isis "This is an important work. Readers wiil enjoy Fleck's biography...." Barry Seldes, Austrian History Yearbook "This useful, attractive Neurath is the product of an ambitious collaboration among four scholars." David A. Hollinger, American Historical Review Four distinguished authors have been brought together to produce this elegant study of a much-neglected figure. The book is divided into three sections: Neurath's biographical background and the economic and social context of his ideas; his theory of science; and the development of his role in debates on Marxist concepts of history and his own conception of science. Coinciding with the emerging serious interest in logical positivism, this timely publication will redress a current imbalance in the history and philosophy of science.

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