Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great

Author : Stuart McRobert



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  • Whilst this second edition has the same page count as the first, the book has been revised to bring it completely up to date. In addition to dozens of minor revisions there are also some valuable major changes. Chapter 17, the 50 page chapter at the heart of the book, has been entirely rewritten to reflect the authors six extra years of additional experience and research. This chapter has a totally different approach, teaching readers how to design their own programs. They are given all the tools and understanding they need in order to be able to put the individual pieces together in custom program designs for each person. Chapter 19 has likewise been rewritten as it relates directly to Chapter 17. Several of the most important sections in Chapter 12, detailing the exercise technique, have also been completely revised. Additionally, I made many changes to various sections throughout the book. In all, about 100 pages were changed. Although the first edition may have been the most complete single book on how people with normal genetics and busy lives can transform their bodies without drugs, the second edition is even better. It will make readers into their own expert personal trainers. This definitive guide is for men and women of all ages. And it's for you if you're a beginner or even if you have years of training experience. You will learn: How to train -- a step-by-step program of just two or three workouts a week; How to master exercise technique -- the most complete descriptions on the market; How to avoid new injuries, and heal old injuries -- a new approach; How to build a stronger heart from just 30 minutes of cardio work per week; How to eat for training success, and health benefits; How to lose bodyfat -- an effective, practical, proven method.


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