Befriending the Stranger

Author : Jean Vanier



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  • In Befriending the Stranger Jean Vanier reflects on who we are and how we build our communities, and in particular asks, can we be truly compassionate towards others if we are not compassionate towards ourselves? In a series of six meditative pieces, he opens up God’s invitation to us today, in the midst of all the violence and corruption of the world, to create new places of belonging and sharing, of peace and kindness, where each one is loved and accepted with one’s own fragility, abilities and disabilities. These reflections arose from a seven-day L’Arche covenant retreat given by Jean in the Dominican Republic in 2004. Six meditations, one from each of the six retreat days, is a step on a journey of faith and love, exploring a new theme linked to a particular piece of Scripture. This book will draw the reader ever more deeply into the mystery of God’s love revealed in Jesus. For Jean Vanier, this consists of a deeper and more reflective commitment to a life of faith built on actions.


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