The Inner Kalacakratantra

Author : Vesna Wallace



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    The Kalacakratantra is the latest and most comprehensive Buddhist Tantra that is available in its original Sanskrit. This will be the first thorough academic work to be published on this Tantra. The Kalacakratantra's five chapters are classified into three categories: Outer, Inner, and Other Kalacakratantra. The present work concentrates on the Inner Kalacakratantra, which deals with the nature of a human being. It focuses particularly on the second chapter of the Kalacakratantra, called 'The Chapter on the Individual'. Noting that this crucial chapter is closely related to the other chapters of this Tantra, however, Wallace discusses its topics in their relationship to the larger concepts of the Kalacakratantra's view of the individual which is shown to be inseparable from its view of the universe, discussed in the first chapter. Similarly, the understanding of the person becomes clear only when examined in the light of the tantric yoga practices described in the third, fourth, and fifth chapters.

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