Aviation Liability Law

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    Now in its second edition, this is the most current law book that comprehensively covers aviation liability law, from accidents to personal property damages to liability for death and personal injury, and loss, damage and delay of freight. It assesses the liability of airlines, air traffic control providers, governments, manufacturers, lessors and other potential defendants. This practical guidebook is authored by a McGill University law professor who is a recognized authority in the field of aviation law. Having started his aviation law career with the U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board 35 years ago, the author has written 20 books on the subject of aviation and transportation law, economics and policy. This book is the culiminaton of the author's decades of experience in this field, and serves as an up-to-date, cutting-edge reference manual for any lawyer who practices in the field of aviation tort law, domestic or international, in the civil or common law system. Book Contents Covers all important aspects of aviation liability law: Accidents and negligence Government liability Insurance Personal and property damages Liability for death, personal injury or delay Liability for air cargo and baggage delay, loss or damage Plus more Provides a comprehensive review of aviation law jurisprudence world-wide, coupled with critical analysis and strategic recommendations Many practical suggestions are given throughout this guidebook, to help minimize research time for the busy aviation law practitioner Special Features Contains 27 international treaties, conventions, protocols and other related legislative material Contains special charts and tables to illustrate: A comparative analysis of forum-non-conveniens litigation in U.S. courts A review of ratifications of the multilateral aviation liability conventions An explanation of inflation-adjustment liability limits under the Montreal Convention of 1999

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