The Failures Of Integration

Author : Cashin, Sheryll



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    A "superbly erudite and enormously thoughtful" call to end de facto segregation in America ( Chicago Tribune ) More than fifty years after Brown v. Board of Education , segregation in America thrives. And what's worse is that we've come to accept our segregated society. Most whites have bought into the psychology of the bulwark: the idea that separating themselves from different races and classes is the only sure route to better opportunity. African-Americans, on the other hand, have become integration weary. Many escape to affluent all-black enclaves in hopes of thriving among their own, even as they attempt to insulate themselves from their less advantaged brothers and sisters. In The Failures of Integration , Sheryll Cashin shows why this separation is not working for most Americans. As our society rapidly diversifies, she argues, we need a radical transformation-a jettisoning of the now ingrained assumption that separation is acceptable-if we are to pursue the dream that America says it embraces: full and equal opportunity for all.

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