Symphony Orchestras of the World

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    Concise but thorough profiles of symphony orchestras outside the US make this and its companion volume ("Symphony Orchestras of the United StateS") indispensable for music libraries and many general public libraries as well. . . . Using the widely scattered literature on the subject, orchestral archives, and his own questionnaire, Craven profides information on each organization's history, seasonal activities, administrative structure, cultural impact, recordings, music directors, books and articles written about it, address, and telephone number. . . . Highly recommended for academic and general collections. "Choice" Robert Craven's new book together with his recent work on orchestras of the United States are the first to focus on the major symphonic groups. Designed as a resource for music lovers and collectors as well as those more directly connected with the music world, this reference guide provides profiles of 118 orchestras based in 42 countries. Entries are included on the leading symphonies of Britain and Europe and newer organizations that have achieved prominence in Latin America and Asia. Musicians, musicologists, critics, music historians, and other experts have contributed their rich and diversified musical knowledge to the individual essays, which range from 750 to 3,000 words in length.

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