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    Many of you are probably familiar with the spicy Peranakan cuisine or even have friends who are great at cooking it. But there is more to the culture than what's cooking in the peroh rumah, or kitchen. For instance, have you ever wondered why they speak the way they do? And what is the big deal about cherki games? Why are they always singing the dondang sayang? And, more importantly, what does it mean to be a Peranakan? With a heritage that combines the best of the Chinese and Malay cultures, the hybrid nature of the Peranakans has yielded enviable works of art in the realm of architecture, embroidery, beadwork and the culinary arts. Join us on a colourful journey into the history, lifestyle and unique character of the Peranakan people. Contents: Prologue, Origins & Development, Peranakan People, Daily life of Peranakans, Leisure Activities of Peranakans, Food, Wedding, Special Occasions, Peranakans Today, Glossary of Common phrases, References,Peranakan Network for Dining & Shopping in Singapore & Malaysia

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