After the Darkest Hour

Author : Brehony, Kathleen A.



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    Most people understand that suffering and sorrow--whether illness, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job--are inevitable parts of every life. They are truly universal experiences, and yet few of us comprehend the ways in which suffering can give rise to growth. In this thoughtful, compassionate book, Kathleen Brehony reveals the transformative power of suffering and shows how to turn grief into an emotionally and psychologically strengthening experience. In relating the stories of people who have endured trials and consequently found deeper spiritual and psychological meaning in their lives, "After the Darkest Hour" illustrates the universal nature of suffering and the opportunity it creates for connecting with others. Drawing on a rich selection of mythological and religious stories from many faiths, Brehony provides a historical and cultural context that enriches the meaning of those deeply personal tales and explores the qualities-psychological, behavioral and spiritual-of those who have turned periods of pain and suffering into opportunities for growth and renewal. "After the Darkest Hour" offers practical advice, strategies, and exercises that will help approach the difficult situations you face in a more conscious, enlightened way, as well as specific suggestions for creating personal healing rituals. With Kathleen Brehony showing the way, you can find the blessing and challenges in suffering, and meet even the darkest moments of your life with courage and wisdom.

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