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  • 這是一本全自資獨立的影象同人誌,由四位本土攝影師組成,各代表香港四代人, 包括黃勤帶 (WONG KANTAI),趙嘉榮(KARL CHIU),岑允逸(DUSTIN SHUM)及楊德銘(PAUL YEUNG),以影象紀錄香港及中國內地的各種面貌,以攝影各自表現對社會和自身的看法。《麻雀》代表四個人一齊開枱,切磋交流鬆章截糊,我們志在反動!在香港開枱再反枱! Mahjong is a traditional game for four players that originated in China and popular in the Chinese society. To be the winner of the game, it requires skill, strategy and calculation, as well as a certain degree of luck. The self-published photography periodical, "Mahjong", is a collaboration of four Hong Kong photographers from four different generations. They are Kantai Wong, Karl Chiu, Dustin Shum and Paul Yeung. Just like the different strategies of different players in the Mahjong game, the periodical manifests the unique visions of the four photographers towards the society of Hong Kong and mainland China. First issue of "Mahjong", priced at HKD80 or USD10, is now available at the following spots. Kubrick at Broadway Cinematheque, Yaumatei MCCM bookstore at Hong Kong Art Centre, Wan Chai Lumenvisum at L2-10 JCCAC, Shek Kip Mei More sales spots will be available soon, please keep checking the group for update. For oversea purchase please contact Or buy directly from:


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