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  • 在线阅读本书 A major new edition of the King James Biblefaithfully presented for the twenty-first century Although it is the most important book in the religious life and culture of the English-speaking world, the King James Bible, or Authorized Version of 1611, has never been perfectly represented in print. This edition makes available the translators intended work with a fidelity never before achievedallowing the most read, heard, and loved book in the English language to speak with new vigor to modern readers. The work we have long read as the King James Bible contains numerous changes, both deliberate and accidental, to the text. David Norton has scrupulously collated the established text with the translators original manuscripts to create this new authoritative edition. In addition, he has modernized and standardized the spelling but left intact the words and grammatical forms, and he has restored most of the original punctuation, which, unlike the standard version, largely adheres to modern practices. Finally, he presents the text in paragraph format, making this King James Bible a fully comprehensible and gratifying read.


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