Straight Talking

Author : Jane Green



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Price : 4.99

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  • 在线阅读本书 STRAIGHT TALKING, the first book EVER to launch chick lit, still blows the rest of them away! Are you Tasha - single and still searching? Are you one of her three best friends? Andy, hooked on passion; Mel, stuck in a steady relationship with a bastard; or Emma, endlessly waiting for her other half to propose? Do you know an Andrew - suave, goodlooking and head over heels in love ... with himself? Or a Simon - allergic to commitment and dangerously treacherous? Or an Adam - handsome, kind, humorous, but too nice to be sexy? Follow them all in their odyssey to find fulfilment and the RIGHT kind of love in this novel that is very funny, painfully honest, sometimes sad but always on the button.


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